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Pricing Models used by base77

Our objective at base77 is to provide our clients with services and solutions adhering to international standards of quality, while providing the core cost benefits of offshore outsourcing. In order to ensure optimum delivery and maximize cost benefits to our customers, we propose either of the following two pricing models:

Fixed Price Project model: This model works best for projects involving well-defined requirements and structures. This is a cost-effective and minimal-risk model for clients. Based on requirements, our team estimates time and resources required and derives a fixed price. A project plan is drawn up and payments are linked to important deliverables. Changes to the project plan are carefully analyzed and, if required, are charged according to any extra resources utilized.

Time and Material Project model: This model is more suited for projects with dynamic requirements where a detailed system specification and project plan cannot be drawn prior to commencement. Our team prepares a ballpark estimate based on a basic project plan. Changes made to the requirements are included in the project's scope and the project plan is accordingly modified. The resources used are billed on a periodic basis. base77's aggressive schedules, high productivity, close monitoring and review of the project ensures that there are no cost or time overruns.

We at base77 maintain an active interaction with our clients in terms of regular updates, prototype or sample demos and project progress monitoring. Our quality standards and workflow management processes ensure that our clients are kept abreast of all developments and the risk of errors and rework is minimized. Project delivery is in stages or phases and the regular communication keeps our clients updated, and payments are then requested on specific deliveries pending client satisfaction.