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Why base77?

At base77, our technical expertise and domain knowledge serves as the foundation for our unique and innovative service offerings. Our skilled and qualified team of application specialists, software engineers and customer-oriented professionals ensures that our clients receive world-class solutions with the core merits of offshore outsourcing.

Global Presence: Our presence in the United States enables optimum interaction and co-ordination with our international clients, while our dedicated design and development center in India ensures that our clients receive cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Quality Processes: base77 has well defined quality processes and structures in order to facilitate smoother operations for efficient delivery and minimize the risk of errors and rework.

Infrastructure: base77 possesses the latest infrastructure and efficient resources, thereby minimizing overall project development time.

Strong Project Management Techniques: base77's project managers are an experienced group of professionals with diverse skill sets and knowledge base, possessing excellent communication skills and proficiency in MS Project.

Specified communication norms: base77 has specific communication norms that are followed when communicating with a client in the course of a project, thereby enabling the team to maintain an active interaction with clients regarding project progress.

Diverse pool of professionals: Our team comprises a talented mix of dedicated customer oriented professionals; management graduates, business analysts, software developers, experienced project managers, multimedia and graphics designers, website developers and, technical writers. Our team at base77 draws upon a pool of talented professionals with specializations in diverse domains such as Science, Engineering, Fine Arts, and Business Administration; possessing qualifications including Microsoft Certified Software Developer (MCSD), B. Tech and MBA.

Client focus, professional orientation and customer service skills: We at base77 maintain a client focus during all stages of project development and beyond in terms of post implementation support. Although our solutions require no live support, our dedicated personnel are prepared to go the extra mile to assist our clients as and when requested including live interaction according to client specifications.

Our people possess experience in both the ITES segment and, business management and operations. This enables members of the team to draw upon the skills and expertise of each other to work with our clients in defining requirements, conducting further industry specific research (as and when required) and offering solutions that would work across platforms and environments as well as accommodate any future changes arising out of business requirements or technological changes.

Our software processes, refined over the last six years, and experiences drawn from our partners and overseas clientele have enabled us to develop highly efficient procedures to successfully handle every aspect of offshore software development. We leverage communication technology to the hilt to ensure smoother operations and efficient coordination with our clients.