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How can I be assured of overall quality, efficiency, and security of information?

base77 is geared to leveraging infrastructure and communication technologies to the hilt to ensure smooth operations, efficient coordination and on-time delivery.

Workflow Management and Regular Client Updates : At base77, it is mandatory for each project team to follow a set of Reporting Standards. This ensures that the team is on target for the project.

A weekly Time Sheet System (used to account for the time each team member allots for the project at hand) is submitted to the Project Manager at the end of every week. The objective of this system is to continuously monitor schedules, productivity, costs and time utilization.

In addition, an Engineer's Work Report is prepared on a monthly basis to account for the per month progress of every team member. This details the work done during the last period, problems encountered and the objectives for the next period. This helps in effective workflow management and also enables us to take effective steps in meeting customer requirements.

The Project Manager also maintains an Activity Time Log to identify any deviations as and when they occur. This helps us to monitor the progress of the project and take immediate and appropriate action.

Quality Assurance : base77 implements the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) process that addresses the quality assurance needs at every phase of the development cycle. Our QA team has developed a focused quality control checklist which ensures that every solution delivered by us measures up to the highest possible international standards.

People: Since base77 employs a team of diverse professionals, delegation of responsibilities and authorities provides for efficient workflow management. In addition, regular interaction, coordination and team meetings facilitate team members to pool in expertise and knowledge, thereby ensuring delivery of robust solutions to meet client requirements.

Safety and Security : We are serious when it comes to security, in terms of infrastructure, knowledge, content and information of our clients and, Intellectual Property. In order to ensure security and safety, our facilities are physically secured by restricted access; network security is obtained by firewall implementations and other isolation mechanisms; all team members and employees at different levels are assigned usernames and passwords to both protect information stored on their machines and to restrict information download from the server.

Project delivery in phases : In order to ensure that constraints or risks are identified and controlled in early stages, we update our clients in phases and models or prototypes so that appropriate and timely action can be taken. Furthermore, we work with our clients to identify and rectify the occurrence of bugs or errors.