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Testimonials and Review from our clients

Kaplan - Test Preparation Software {simulated SAT/PSAT Tests}
"I think the process adhered to for the New SAT CD Phase I development worked quite well, particularly given our tight schedule, last minute changes to test-timing and the fact that this was Kaplan and base77's first project together. A good working relationship was established very quickly, which contributed significantly to our ability to develop a robust software program by the deadline. The software, reviewed internally as well as by some of our SAT course teachers, has been well received. The general consensus is that it was a great job and that the product will be very useful to students and, the Phase II version of the software is much anticipated.

The team at base77 excels at client communication and truly distinguishes itself in this area. Our almost daily IM chats, emails, and conference calls when necessary, all contributed to a high level of productivity and a very quick response time to questions and issues. The team is very accessible, which provided Kaplan a high level of comfort during the course of the project."

Grace Begany
Director, Software Development
Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions
Kaplan Inc. - A Washington Post Company - Triumph Asset Holdings Limited
"The efforts of the base77 team have led to a website that is aesthetically pleasing while addressing our business requirements. In particular, the Offline Messenger tool developed by the base77 team has enabled us to maintain an active and secure interaction with our clients thereby adding value to our business model. The professionalism, technical expertise, artistic skills and ingenuity of the base77 team has enabled us to attract and retain our clients, thereby enhancing our market presence, by augmenting our business function of offering unique and customized services to our clients."

Jacob Luke
Vice President, Marketing