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Achieving the Peak of Innovation

Innovation and creative thinking are consistent practices at base77. In addition to the different software solutions we provide, our unique vision has allowed us to identify and create the following niche product.

Communication Tools

(Web based Project Collaboration Tool)

Mark it!spaceMarkITTM is a browser based project collaboration tool that lets you exchange ideas and share information through a common platform. This software allows geographically dispersed parties to discuss project progress monitoring through graphic and text documents even when either of the concerned parties is offline by marking their views in the browser itself. This product is targeted toward companies like marketing agencies, architects, software developers or anyone who deals with graphics enabling them to improve coordination and communication.

MarkIT™ empowers you with the ability to mark redlines, make changes, highlight any portion of the document and, type comments in the browser with an intuitive and easy to use interface. MarkITTalso gives you the flexibility of using it without having to install the product on your server. These are just some the powerful features of MarkITT which make it an efficient and cost saving option for organizations where coordination over image documents play a key role in the success of a project.

Macromedia Director Xtras

DynCast Xtra
Multi-purpose script xtra

DynCast XtraspaceThis multi-purpose script xtra for Macromedia Director adds two functionalities to the software: Adds external casts (useful for both authoring & projector modes); and Enables you to add and remove markers (useful in authoring environment).

Enables you to add external casts (useful for both authoring & projector modes): This feature allows you to add external cast files during authoring as well as run time. This facilitates a better modular approach for your application and you do not need to pre-link all the casts in all your movie files in a project. This will load your Director application faster.

Enables you to add and remove markers (useful in authoring environment): With the help of this script a marker of a particular name can be added to, or deleted from, any specified frame in the score.

The DynCast Xtra is designed to work with the following versions of Macromedia Director - Director 8, Director 8.5, Director MX, and Director MX 2004.