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How are communication and project monitoring issues handled?

Interaction with our client is of utmost importance to us. Information transfer and regular communication and coordination between our client and the development team is achieved using e-mail, chat, FTP and conference calls. In addition, clients are also sent weekly status reports of the projects keeping them abreast of all the developments.

Project status is usually reported to our clients on a weekly basis using Project Status Reports. However, upon analyzing client requirements and based upon client requests, we can also deploy a dedicated coordinator, responsible for daily communication through instant messenger with the client's point of contact. A teleconference between the project team & the client is also setup at the end of each milestone. In addition, weekly progress reports are sent through e-mail. We maintain an active interaction in order to effectively and efficiently act according to the feedback received and include details of communication in the Project History to ensure project progress and on time delivery adhering to our client's requirements.