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Mobile Porting of Game for Hudson Entertainment

About the Client

base77 ported the ChewManFu game for different mobile devices for Hudson Entertainment. Hudson Entertainment, Inc. develops and distributes console video games and mobile phone entertainment.

The game was a puzzle game with arcade elements. The primary mandate of this project was to ensure that the game would play properly on all the mobile devices in the requirement list. To ensure this, base77 developed and extensively tested the code on all the relevant mobiles.

Project Description

base77 developed the application elements required to port the game onto the mobile devices, with an emphasis on testing.

Module 1 - Loading Screen/ Splash Screen/Main Menu Screen /New Game Screen/Load Game:

This Module contains the splash screen and game screen. Splash screen provides links to Game Screen, Help Screen, About Screen and Exit.

Module 2 - Help Screen /Options Screen/About Screen/Exit Game:

Help Screen provides general instruction about how to play the game. Options screen allows the user to set preferences.

Module 3 - Packaging: Packed the application in a Java archive (JAR) using a packager (e.g.: jar tools that comes with Java WTK.)

Test & Re-test

To ensure a proper game experience on all devices, all the relevant mobile devices were procured and testing carried out on all these devices. The testing included:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
Development Environment

Flash MX 2004, Flash Action Script, FlashJester

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