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Cultures around the World- Flash MX game for BarkingFish Productions

About the Client

BarkingFish Productions, a graphics design firm in Long Island (New York), specializes in creative content, artwork, games, presentations, web solutions, multimedia and design services for edutainment products, social organizations, museums, event management and promotion, and corporate requirements among others.

Project Description

Cultures around the World is a Flash MX based interactive game designed specifically for children in the United States, to introduce to them the cultures of Kenya, Korea, and Australia. This game is currently installed in a touch screen kiosk at a museum in Long Island, New York.

Each individual country game is called from an overview (in the form of a spinning globe), which introduces each country and displays its location on the globe with reference to the distance between that country and Long Island, U.S.A. The three individual games comprise of varying levels of scope, complexity, features, and functionality.

Each interactive game begins with an intro animation, folk music sound track, and a voice over that explains the origins of the game and its rules. The respective games were selected from each country's folklore and traditions with a view to present each country's culture in a unique manner that both educates and entertains the children.

base77's development role involved programming the game-play, defining the different levels, incorporating hints or samples, and integrating the artwork, animations, and audio.

Development Environment

Flash MX 2004, Flash Action Script, FlashJester