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get in touch - A travel and investment information and Ecommerce portal

About the Client

Triumph Asset Holdings Limited (TAH) is a middle east based advisory company promoting, a highly successful information portal providing information ranging from finance to travel and tourism specifically for the countries in the Carribean region.

Project Description

The website, developed for Triumph Asset Holdings Ltd., is fully database driven with automatic link management & provides context related information for these offshore countries in the form of rich & customizable template driven articles. The site is also backed up by a back office integration software comprising of modules similar to a Yahoo style advisory messenger, content management, user tracking, financial accounting for associates and customers for paid advisory, traffic routing, e-commerce and commission settlement.

The Gowealthy Messenger tool is a PGP based offline messenger solution (similar to yahoo); developed by implementing a 128-bit encryption based on RSA algorithm for securely transferring data between the sender and the receiver, and for saving it on the server itself until the message is downloaded by the recipient party; so that TAH and its clients can safely communicate sensitive information over the web. The software also uses an efficient wipe mechanism for clearing deleted files from the memory as well as the disk, which a normal delete function of an Operating System cannot do. In addition, a backend tool backs the client end messenger for Gowealthy.Com administrators enabling them to view and reply to messages.

Development Environment

VB 6.0, SQL Server 2000, IIS, ASP, Active Skin