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For some of the most demanding clients Kaplan | Sanborn | DLF | and more

Integrated Solutions

_  Site Design & Development
_  Application Design & Development
_  Mobile / E-commerce Integration

Interactive solutions

_  Web-based Training
_  On-line Tests
_  Custom E-learning Development

Indicative Projects

  1. For the world's leading preparatory college tests company -
    a mission-critical on-line site.
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  2. One of Asia's leading real-estate portals
    (received a CNBC accolade).
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  3. End-to-end Web-based solution for a residential
    health-care agency.
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We focus on developing Web solutions that are driven by a certain degree of complexity, whether it is extensive user interactivity, the processing of information, database connectivity or mobile integration.

With over 2 million+ person-hours of design and development experience across 200+ assignments, we have the experience vector of a big company yet retain the personal touch of a small company.

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