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Custom e-Learning Development

We have been building and deploying custom e-learning solutions for 10+ years and have enjoyed learning ourselves while executing challenging assignments.


Custom e-learning development can include online training sites, modules and animations in the learning, training and testing space.

The assignments have included end-to-end development from concept to implementation and testing; for companies that range from small businesses to large multi-national corporations.

How do we generally add value as a custom e-learning development partner?

Specific skills in custom e-learning development:

Some challenging assignments in the custom e-learning development sphere have included:

For Kaplan, a world leader in educational testing and a subsidiary of the Washington Post, we have created several applications. One of the really challenging ones was a a search application that allows students to search for colleges based on criteria such as their academic background, financial status and many other preferences. The user interface had to be designed carefully to include as many parameters as possible without overwhelming the students.

For Simon & Schuster, Inc., we developed an interactive typing tutorial application for children and/or young adults. The challenge was engaging an audience that is sometimes easily bored. We created a game around the theme of a spaceship that allowed interactivity and learning while making the process fun and interesting.

Our work extends across platforms and includes, for instance - Microsoft, Linux, Macintosh, PHP, Java, Flash, Director, SoundForge as well as tools like Captivate.

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